How space for creativity opens up young people’s minds

This article from “The Conversation”questions the attitude that the arts and humanities are a waste of time and useless.  Actually, arts and humanities are essential for well functioning individuals and societies.  This article emphasises how personal creativity builds confidence and can lead to employment.

The article begins:

Creative experiences can engage the demotivated, irrigate parched minds and illuminate serious socio-economic problems. And yet the current UK coalition government has launched a sustained attack on creativity in education.

Last November, Nicky Morgan, secretary of state for education, said at a launch for a maths and physics education campaign that “the arts and humanities” were for students who “didn’t know” what they “wanted to do”. She said that while these subjects used to be thought of as “useful for all kinds of job”, now “this couldn’t be further from the truth”.

And ends:

Building on their new-found confidence, some of the participants are now in full-time work and a few are employed as part-time film technicians and actors.

Please read the whole piece and follow the videos.  As the author concludes:

Given the chance to be creative, young people shine.

Source: How space for creativity opens up young people’s minds


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Everything you wanted to know about your body (but were afraid to ask)

This is from New Scientist, a list of answers to questions about your body.  It is good fun and I learned stuff.  Please enjoy.

Why does loud noise hurt? Do you lose weight if you break wind while on the bathroom scales? These are just some of the thousands of questions tackled by New Scientist, now collected in a new book

Source: Everything you wanted to know about your body (but were afraid to ask)



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Healthy Skepticism: A Survival Trait

I encourage everyone to question, it is an essential survival trait.  Our species is successful because we are curious.  Currently we are encouraged to ask questions but only in a constrained context as defined within a school curriculum and toward innovation and economics.

I have a broader view.  It is essential to question pretty much everything.

Source: | Original Post Date: April 24, 2012 – In some other posts we’ve discussed good survivor traits such as compassion, adaptability and your ability to perceive risk. Today I’d like to talk about a trait we call ‘healthy skepticism’. According to the diction

Source: Healthy Skepticism: A Survival Trait


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Want to Create Things That Matter? Be Lazy.

I am currently reading about the importance of “Grit” as a personality trait that leads to success.  But, there are downsides.  This link suggests that serious creative work need blocks of time and that appearing “lazy or distracted” are useful.

My experience is that I can (could) work full on 16 hour days for about a month but bigger projects need a more balanced approach.  And from my reading, the scientists and artists that I respect balance their lives, with periods of intense pushing focussed productive activity, mixed with time chilling out.  It is about productivity, rest and balance.

We must remember, as we move to sustainable and beautiful ways of life, that rest is essential.

Ignoring “shallow work” makes one appear lazy or distanced, but its the trait that enables great creatives to do work that matters.

Source: Want to Create Things That Matter? Be Lazy.




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Forgotten Guitar: Les Paul and Mary Ford’s 1954 Guitar Duel

The video this links to is just fun.  Please enjoy.

“With your wife’s cold feet in the middle of your back.  There’s no place like home.”  That is familiar.

 In the first half of the 1950s, though, the musical team of Les and his wife Mary Ford wasn’t only known in guitar circles; they actually were two of the biggest names in music. The couple produced 16 top-10 hits, including two Number 1 tunes—”How High the Moon” and “Vaya con Dios.” In 1951 alone, they sold more than 6 million records.

Source: Forgotten Guitar: Les Paul and Mary Ford’s 1954 Guitar Duel

Forgotten Guitar: Les Paul and Mary Ford's 1954 Guitar Duel

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Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach

Ecotopia: by Earnest Callenbach

Ecotopia is my favourite vision of a future we can work toward; a positive vision of the future.
This is the story of William Western a reporter from New York sent to spend six weeks in Ecotopia. The country made when the states of California to Oregon succeeded from the USA twenty years earlier.

The book takes the form of Weston’s notebook and commentary. I enjoyed the surprise ending.
This book is a thought experiment showing that men and women can live well in a steady state economy. The way of life is attractive: we have time to create and study; we have space to grow and explore; and society supports connections between men and women and a life well lived.
The society here is completely different from our neo-liberal world with scarcity and competition the norm; rather, in this world, healthy enterprise and cooperation within the limits of the physical limits lead to a much healthier and resilient society.
I enjoyed this book and encourage you to read it. It is full of fun and wonderfully intriguing ideas, and a love story. And it gives an idea of how living a sustainable life would be a great way to live.
Please read this book, it is a wonderful story with mind expanding ideas; and we can hope and work toward this vision.


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Curiosity has the power to change behavior for the better: Piquing people’s interest can entice them to choose healthier behaviors over more tempting, unhealthy ones, study finds — ScienceDaily

I am fascinated by research on “curiosity”.  This paper explores how the “clickbait phenomena” is useful encouraging positive eating and exercising behaviour.

For my part; recently, I have been thinking about (curious about), “What can I achieve, if I …?”  I feel motivated and encouraged by the question.

Curiosity could be an effective tool to entice people into making smarter and sometimes healthier decisions.

Source: Curiosity has the power to change behavior for the better: Piquing people’s interest can entice them to choose healthier behaviors over more tempting, unhealthy ones, study finds — ScienceDaily


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sagan*sense – glorfindhel: Contact (1997) → dir. Robert…

For all poets.  From 1997 Contact.

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How should we talk about mental health? |

Mental health is a growing challenge here in New Zealand, and elsewhere.  Something like 20% of New Zealanders will have depression at some stage in their lives, and my view is we must support those afflicted.

The link below leads to a series of comments from the TED speakers, giving perspective and guiding comments.  Like any disease, those afflicted require understanding and support.  For me, the place to start is respectful language and understanding.  Having a general understanding of; for example, depression,  like we have for cancer, is a place to begin.

The link to sustainability and beauty is that, supporting each other supports a high quality of life; of course, high quality of life is a necessary piece of sustainable societies.

Mental health suffers from a major image problem. One in every 4 people experiences mental health issues — yet we’re not very informed when it comes to talking about the topic. Hear fro…

Source: How should we talk about mental health? |


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melodysheep: Remixes for the Soul – YouTube

Melodysheep publishes on YouTube.   I particularly enjoy the Symphony of Science series.  Video story telling at its best.

melodysheep: Remixes for the Soul – YouTube.


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