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The Joy Of Science : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

This is just so… cool. A paper exploring the consistency and makeup of Saturn’s moon Titan brings joy with discovery as we learn about our universe of wonders, says astrophysicist Adam Frank. Source: The Joy Of Science : 13.7: Cosmos … Continue reading

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301: What I have Learned with this Blog

I have been searching my memory for the reasons I started this blog. October 20 2011. The first months were a mix of articles, very much on the scientific side of things and I was still drawing. Since then I … Continue reading

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300 Posts

I have posted 300 times since beginning in October 2011. Ive enjoyed doing this and will continue. Thanks to all of you who following. Over 800 now. Here is the statement about my purpose here. In many ways my posts … Continue reading

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Finnish citizens given universal basic income report lower stress levels and greater incentive to work | The Independent

This is an interesting report on an Universal Basic Income programme in Finland. Initial results are promising, as the recipients can work part-time and start businesses without the disincentives of losing support often found with current social security benefits. Interestingly, … Continue reading

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In The Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Teens Speak Up By Singing Out : Deceptive Cadence : NPR

A wonderful example of young adults learning and finding their voices. And a lesson in the power of the arts to transcend the usual barriers to connection: wealth, colour, location… And a story of vision and passion. But, of course, … Continue reading

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7 mighty benefits of writing by hand : TreeHugger

Whenever I meet an actively creative person: like an author, poet, film-maker or musician, I ask about process; especially, if they use a physical or electronic notebook. The answers vary, although most tell me they use physical notebooks. The electronics … Continue reading

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A Quiet Leader Is Still a Real Leader – Quiet Revolution

I have always preferred quiet, and disliked loud and exuberant but can quiet people lead? Certainly the answer is yes. In many cases, yes! My experience is that often quiet leadership works well. Think of Toastmasters and Scouting and voluntary … Continue reading

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Writing your story — The Story Collider

I am excited to see The Story Collider coming to New Zealand but two hours hours drive away from me! Nevertheless, the training materials and Podcsts are excellent. I plan to spend many hours learning here. If you live in … Continue reading

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