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How do we engage young people in science: My response

Earlier this week the following item was put up on science blogs New Zealand. This is my reply. Subsequent to reading this blog I spent time reading the Curious Minds Report. Certainly a useful report, wonderful that progress is … Continue reading

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BIg Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert

Recently I have been reading, and rereading, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. I find “Big Magic” excellent. Elizabeth has written a useful book for anyone interested in creative practice. It is not a book drawing on theory but one from … Continue reading

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Citizen’s Income

This last half year I have been pleased to see new articles exploring the concept of a “citizens income”. The basic idea is that instead of countries proving social security (miss-labeled welfare) citizens receive a basic income. The idea does … Continue reading

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New Year

A New Year. It is interesting, when I look over the last few years I stop writing these notes and thoughts in the second half of the year. The commitment and energy going to students overwhelms the commitment and energy … Continue reading

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