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Demonetized Cost of Living

One of my favourite websites is sagansense. The curator collects interesting and useful pieces that encourage me to think and to marvel. This one looks at the way the cost of living may become demonetized. Certainly this is an interesting … Continue reading

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‘Hamilton’ and Liberal Education

I expected to comment on a different issue this morning but this is important. Govt in New Zealand is increasingly focussed on education for jobs. This has been a particular thread with information technology over the last few weeks. Clearly … Continue reading

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The ‘Busy’ Trap

I think this “Opinionator” from the New York Times makes an important point. Are we too busy? Is busyness forced on us. I certainly think a sustainable life would include time for reflection, quiet reading, maybe a movie with friends. … Continue reading

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I saw a note yesterday that it is twenty years since the Spice Girls first hit.  That hit celebrated girl power and now the hit is being used by a UN group to encourage women’s rights, “including:   education, gender equality, … Continue reading

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The girl effect: The clock is ticking – YouTube

Recently this has entered my life twice.  Students brought it to class as an example of a “solution” based nonprofit working in the area of sustainable development.   And yesterday I was reading Capacity Canada’s “A Guide to Storytelling for … Continue reading

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