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Table Topics Contest: Are Farmers Responsible for their Mess.

On Sunday I took part in a Toastmaster’s speaking contest. I did not place. That’s no drama. But… The Table Topic question shocked me.  Are Farmers Responsible for their Mess? I decided to leave the contest and take a walk … Continue reading

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Just a reminder – we’re in the ‘We Overreacted!’ phase on lockdown : newzealand

I remember the day we  went into lockdown. I was terrified. We had seen what happened in China, Italy, the United Kingdom and I understand exponential growth. I continued to listen to the daily infection reports and up they went. … Continue reading

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Values; actions; facts. Web hui: How to talk about COVID19 – Dr Jess Berentson Shaw

Many years ago I realized that the most important problem in my area of science is communication of the science. It seemed to me that environmental scientists were making a mistake speaking about problems so much. It is much more … Continue reading

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Create Forever with Josué Rivas

I am thoughtful with this. Another storyteller. A voice to contemplate. I will create forever. Josué has made it his mission to scratch beneath the glossy surface of society, using photography to challenge the misconceptions and stereotypes that prevail in … Continue reading

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You can’t fight feelings with facts: start with a chat

Ask me about evolution. The biologist wore a sandwich board, “Ask me about evolution”,  to the Minnesota State Fair, and chatted to people. (Remember this will return. Times of challenge don’t last.) Here’s what happened. The most difficult thing was … Continue reading

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How to decarbonize? Look to Sweden: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Vol 72, No 2

If it has been done, it can be done. “Sweden has managed to successfully decarbonize, cutting its per capita emissions by a factor of 3 since the 1970s, while doubling its per capita income and providing a wide range of … Continue reading

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How to make the world happier – and why it should be our first priority | Books | The Guardian

I think this is worth reading and acting on. We are a cooperative species and to flourish we must remember and act on this reality. My main proposal is that we should each of us, in all our choices, follow … Continue reading

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Beyond Science and Technology: Creating Planetary Health Needs Not Just ‘Head Stuff’, but Social Engagement and ‘Heart, Gut and Spirit’ Stuff

I am often frustrated because environmental authors, journalists and media speak problems not solutions. This paper’s author avoids that trap, he introduces the problems; that’s the “Head Stuff”and then solutions: that’s the “Heart, gut and spirit stuff’. I’m not interested … Continue reading

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THE GRETA THUNBERG PROBLEM, so many men freaking out about the tiny Swedish climate demon | First Dog on the Moon | Opinion | The Guardian

For my view I think her got0 statement, “Follow the scientists” dodges many of the criticisms. And she is absolutely correct in her summary of the urgency of change. Is she the brainwasher or brainwashee? Source: THE GRETA THUNBERG PROBLEM, … Continue reading

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‘Do I risk it?’ Your photos of the world’s best and worst cycling infrastructure | Cities | The Guardian

Cycling infrastructure worldwide – the wonderful to  a horrible. Palmy has it’s share of good and evil. Every roundabout is a death trap and with the rise of tinted windscreens cyclists can’t catch the eyes of drivers to reassure themselves.  … Continue reading

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