Lucy Hone: In defence of introverts |

Extroversion isn’t the Holy Grail of functioning.

I found this article positive and encouraging given how much I enjoy my own company. An important message to share. Being an introvert is a good thing. Its great. We need to encourage and support introverts; and tell extroverts to be quiet, and listen.

Source: Lucy Hone: In defence of introverts |

It is interesting to me that I chose this picture rather than a musician practising, or a writer writing. When I walk it is mostly with Helena (my wife) and Bart (our dog).

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Want To Innovate? Science Says, Be Curious! | The Creativity Post

This is a BIG piece on curiosity. Give yourself 20 minutes to read this. It is worth the time.

I’m serious, I’ve read this three or four times looking to summarise or paraphrase the material but there is so much here.

An eight step outline: identify and remove limits to curiosity, question (my favourite skill), become interesting by connecting with your sense of wonder, open yourself to new ideas and adventures, go deep, build encouraging and deep relationships, play, and live and work with enquiring minds.

That’s just the outline. Each section has five to ten bullet action points.

My summary: Question, dance and act.

Kea Toa Kea Ngakaunui

At first glance, curiosity seems annoying because it can make a task take longer. A closer look can reveal how the extra time curiosity takes can make the task more rewarding and the outcome more unique.

Source: Want To Innovate? Science Says, Be Curious! | The Creativity Post

From FLICKR Pima Aditya

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Why forests and rivers are the most potent health tonic around | Aeon Essays

It is Sunday morning and I’m stressing with the thought of work to do and all that… But before I go to work, I’m walking with Helena (my wife) and the dog, and posting here.

Do the important things first!

The idea that immersing yourself in forests and nature has a healing effect is far more than just folk wisdom

Source: Why forests and rivers are the most potent health tonic around | Aeon Essays

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Sciblogs | The Story Collider Has Been

I attended the Story Collider workshop on Thursday at Victoria University in Wellington, and I’m excited that I did. I learned heaps and it was wonderful just to sit in a room with thirty other passionate science tellers.

Thanks SCANZ for organising this. Liz Neely lead us; she is a passionate, effective and evidence base speaker. Wonderful.

If you could not get to the workshops there is a recorded presentation from an earlier workshop here (Science Communication – The Power of Storytelling and a great list of podcasts here (

Thanks again SCANZ and Scienceblogs for organising and advertising the meetings.

Ngā mihi maioha

The Science Communicators Association of New Zealand (SCANZ) wants to hear your story during a special live show with The Story Collider.

The Story Collider has been bringing true, personal stories about science to life both through our many live shows as well as our weekly podcast, and we’ve used what we’ve learned about science and stories to teach scientists to use narrative in our university and corporate workshop program.

Source: Sciblogs | The Story Collider is Coming

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The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot. Robert MacFarlane

In my twenties is spent many happy weekends walking in a tramping club, although I consider my walking solid, it is nothing like that Robert MacFarlane has achieved. Walks across the ancient ways of England, and in Spain and Israel; he tells the tales of his wandering with thought and passion. Much more than a travelogue, he writes his thoughts, the history and the ways of life. There is so much he tells use.

I was particularly struck by how far we used to walk: between villages, regularly; across districts, occasionally; and across continents and sea-ways, as required. We are a dispersed species and much of this dispersion was on foot. But that is lost now as sedentary habits are the norm.

There is much more than this, please read this book.

This book reminds me that we can walk; must walk. Go on, get up, be active!

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Antares: astronomers capture best ever image of a star’s surface and atmosphere | Science | The Guardian

I’m just amazed by this; awesome and so beautful!

Pictures of red supergiant Antares, 550 light years from Earth, are the most detailed images even taken of a star other than the sun

Source: Antares: astronomers capture best ever image of a star’s surface and atmosphere | Science | The Guardian

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What I have discovered this week: Science Writers and Magic lessons

Three times a year between terms I find myself dreaming a passion for science story telling. I love the stories, I’m a PhD in science and a teacher, but I seek to learn and do more. But, how? This week I have found two useful resources: a whole section from The Guardian 2014 on science writing and Elizabth Gilbert’s Magic lessons for unblocking and exploring creativity. Both are excellent, practical and fire me up to write.

I recommend them both.

The scale of the Universe is impossible to imagine (Credit: Denys Bilytskyi/Alamy

Continue reading

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The Joy Of Science : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

This is just so… cool.

A paper exploring the consistency and makeup of Saturn’s moon Titan brings joy with discovery as we learn about our universe of wonders, says astrophysicist Adam Frank.

Source: The Joy Of Science : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

infrared view of Saturn’s moon Titan from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft

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301: What I have Learned with this Blog

I have been searching my memory for the reasons I started this blog. October 20 2011.

The first months were a mix of articles, very much on the scientific side of things and I was still drawing. Since then I have began to learn guitar; its much more sociable. In the second month, much more on sustainability and beauty and drawing again; including Museworthy’s art show. ( A wonderful beginning. I just think I needed somewhere to speak honestly and clearly about the things that matter to me. The blog is a sketch of me.

What I have found is that I enjoy blogging. It deepens my life because as I write I learn more. I’m trained as a teacher, blogging like this is reflective practice but pretty much every creative person I know is reflective. That includes the scientists. I remember my first lessons in reflections were, trying to work out what to do when my experiments went wrong. Science is as messy as art in that way.

I have learned to trust process; I have an app that lets me post pages from what whatever I am reading, (103 waiting now), and I make sure to write first drafts Saturday and Sunday mornings. Then with two or three set up, it is a matter of checking, proofreading, rewriting, and then publishing through the week. That works for me.

Comments from readers, and likes on Facebook are great, and the pleasure I receive makes this worthwhile. I feel heard. And, my daughter told me I write well!

The best thing is a feeling of openness – pleasure, a passion for this. And plan to speak more on music, drama, film and science as we move forward. I will actively learn how to do this.

Thanks, so much.

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300 Posts

I have posted 300 times since beginning in October 2011. Ive enjoyed doing this and will continue. Thanks to all of you who following. Over 800 now.

Here is the statement about my purpose here. In many ways my posts outline what is important to me; at least in the public space. In the bigger view these all aline with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). My answer to the question, “What should we do?”is that any action that moves us toward the SDGs moves us toward sustainable and beautiful ways of life. Here is my statement…

My real task; and the focus of this blog is: mentoring: science and opportunity; beauty and curiosity.

I am for:
I am for: planting trees, looking after forests and freshwater
I am for: our companions on this planet.

I am for: human rights
I am for: education
I am for: universal healthcare
I am for: universal social security; especially for the young, old and sick.

I am for: mindfulness
I am for: real measures of human well-being
I am for: efficient, well designed products that last.

I am for: technology that reduces human impacts; that encourages participation, that is human in scale and action
I am for: human and innovative institutions, and business leading these.

I am for: long term thinking; for children and their grandchildren
I am for: democracy; local, national and international participation
I am for: cooperative businesses

I am for transparency
I am for: considered evidence based values.

I am for: opportunity and entrepreneurship
I am for: beauty
I am for: expressions of beauty
I am for: honest feelings
I am for: integrity and honesty in words and deeds
I am for: truth, beauty and life.

From United Nations

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