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Oral History Workshop

I spend Saturday at this workshop. I hoped the workshop would help me find ways to collect stories I can use. But the workshop is about collecting archive quality interviews for future researchers. Certainly an admirable act; however, for each … Continue reading

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The problem with sex – Science Weekly podcast | Science | The Guardian

I found this fascinating and a little troubling: troubling because New Zealanders will have similar problems but our media don’t discuss sexuality and our health system, and as far as I know, doesn’t have these specialist services. Still, worth listening … Continue reading

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Everyone is ignoring the most interesting result from Finland’s basic income experiment | TreeHugger

There is a narrative that if we help people by providing social security benefits; they just become lazy. Is this true? Well, maybe not. The results of a Finnish Study trialing a universal benefit, showed that the recipients found work … Continue reading

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Sciblogs | Seeds of Change

For those who are interested (From my last blog) this is Bronwyn Hayward’s Science blog on Science Blogs New Zealand. Well worth a full read. Bronwyn Hayward The 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change deliberately left making decisions about what … Continue reading

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Book Notes: Sea Change

I have always understood the challenges we face with environmental pollution. That was the topic of my first speech in Miss Lamason’s class in 1967. I was six years old. Since that time I have read and studied environmental science … Continue reading

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Fire festival and May Day dip in Scotland – in pictures | UK news | The Guardian

In traditional societies with their close links with the natural world the coming of summer was welcome. In Celtic Europe the festival of Beltane was one of four season marking events. This photo essay covers celebrations at the Beltane fire … Continue reading

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