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The psychological effects of inequality – Science Weekly podcast | Science | The Guardian

Working toward societies that are sustainable requires us to examine our values. That is, we must examine the stories we tell ourselves that make our worlds. I think there are two common stories that are particularly pernicious and damaging: The … Continue reading

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Story telling: The dark side.

When I was a child there was a TV program that we watched each week called the Back and White Minstrel Show. Produced in the United Kingdom, the show featured white men in black-face acting out black stereotypes. The program … Continue reading

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Love in the Scientific Literature | The Scientist Magazine®

I found this earlier; I think its a Valentine day article. The point is that, of course, we scientists love just like everyone else, and that expression finds itself in the literature. Read the article; it’s fascinating, fun and human. … Continue reading

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Story Telling: Bevan Series 2018: Liz Neeley

This is what I did this weekend. If you are interested in science storytelling and the scientific justification to using story to communicate science this presentation is the one for you. Liz is the executive director of Story Collider, the … Continue reading

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