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A Matter of fact: Talking truth in a post-truth world. Jess Berentson-Shaw.

I’m reading, absorbing; reflecting on – Jess Berentson-Shaw’s, A Matter of Fact. The book is tiny…. part of the series put out by New Zealand publisher BWB. The series are fascinating monographs by expert’s on their subject. They are like … Continue reading

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Nigel and Bruce: the night-soil collectors

How can I to communicate the choices we have to climate-change-action-skeptics. This blog is practice working towards a story telling approach I would like to use more widely. The year was 1859. The place a poor back street in London. … Continue reading

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Second Oral History Workshop.

We met yesterday for the second workshop on collecting oral histories. I thought the interview I did would be useful here. The book is Art Matters: Because your imagination can change the world by Neil Gaiman. The correct quotation is, … Continue reading

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The Mental Load: Honoring Your Story Over Your To-Do List | Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction

I struggle to write. Everyday my to-do-list grows longer with commitments that drag me out of the space where I can reflect, respond and report. When the work day finishes I’m zonked, wasted and useless; then onto YouTube and Kobo … Continue reading

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Oral History Workshop

I spend Saturday at this workshop. I hoped the workshop would help me find ways to collect stories I can use. But the workshop is about collecting archive quality interviews for future researchers. Certainly an admirable act; however, for each … Continue reading

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Different: Stories about standing out in a crowd — The Story Collider

Story Collider is my favourite science story-place. Story Collider teaches scientists to tell personal stories and perform them: live. The stories have struck a cord with me so often that I have to pass on the gift. Enjoy these two … Continue reading

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Science Writing: European Union votes to keep Glyphosate.

This is the second piece of writing for the science writing course. I used the Nature article and information from Science Media center as my sources. European Union votes to keep Glyphosate: Weed control tool at risk. The European Union … Continue reading

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Tim Radford on science writing: ‘Don’t be afraid to ask simple questions’ | Science | The Guardian

I will read and think about this. Our blog to accompany the 2013 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize asks top science writers about their craft. First up, former Guardian science editor Tim Radford Source: Tim Radford on science writing: ‘Don’t … Continue reading

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The psychological effects of inequality – Science Weekly podcast | Science | The Guardian

Working toward societies that are sustainable requires us to examine our values. That is, we must examine the stories we tell ourselves that make our worlds. I think there are two common stories that are particularly pernicious and damaging: The … Continue reading

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Story telling: The dark side.

When I was a child there was a TV program that we watched each week called the Back and White Minstrel Show. Produced in the United Kingdom, the show featured white men in black-face acting out black stereotypes. The program … Continue reading

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