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Collection of space sounds released to mark 50 years since the moon landings – video | Science | The Guardian

This just plays to my love of science. (Should I get a tattoo on my forearm that says, “Science made this possible”). To mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landings later this month, an interactive collection of the sounds … Continue reading

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Oral History Workshop

I spend Saturday at this workshop. I hoped the workshop would help me find ways to collect stories I can use. But the workshop is about collecting archive quality interviews for future researchers. Certainly an admirable act; however, for each … Continue reading

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Seven Ways to Feel More in Control of Your Life

This is useful and i am working on this. I encourage you to read this and practice at least one of the seven ways. Kia Toa, Kia Ngakaunui Developing greater agency can help you make important life decisions and feel … Continue reading

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(85) Curiosity Is Your Super Power | Spencer Harrison & Jon Cohen | TEDxLosGatos – YouTube

This week I have been searching Harvard Business Magazine for ideas to provoke my students. Typically they are not curious. this may help them understand how important curiosity is.

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Tim Radford on science writing: ‘Don’t be afraid to ask simple questions’ | Science | The Guardian

I will read and think about this. Our blog to accompany the 2013 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize asks top science writers about their craft. First up, former Guardian science editor Tim Radford Source: Tim Radford on science writing: ‘Don’t … Continue reading

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The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge | Brain Pickings

My son and his partner graduated with their first degrees last Friday. They both graduated from Massey University, a university in New Zealand. I was incredibly encouraged when the businessman brought on to motivate the graduates, told them to “stay … Continue reading

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Do Dogs Understand What You’re Telling Them? Scientists Are Scanning Their Brains to Find Out | Mental Floss

This is a wonderful report where the researchers have used fMRI seeking to measure the difference in dogs brain’s response to known and unknown commands. Do dogs understand words? That’s an interesting question. Of course, I think this dog understands … Continue reading

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An Antidote to White Male Capitalist Culture: Adrienne Rich on the Liberating Power of Storytelling and How Reading Emancipates – Brain Pickings

This week this was on my reading list. I think Adrienne Rich is absolutely correct. Reading, writing, learning to think carefully and critically are foundation steps toward self-empowerment and emancipation. That is true for every marginalized, disempowered and ignored individual. … Continue reading

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Jewels in the Night Sea exhibition – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Science can bring beauty into our lives. Here is an example. Ryo Minemizu, one of Japan’s emerging stars in the field of marine life photography and the 2017 winner of the Nikkei National Geographic photography prize, captures the beauty and … Continue reading

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How to Make a Learning Bucket List | Science of People

At present, I’m busy at work. It is going to be a series of short blogs for a while as I concentrate on work and slowly on a bigger post. But I am keeping on with my goal of blogging … Continue reading

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