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Thoughts on the end of summer.

I have noticed these last days; the end of summer. I have noticed: Yellow drying leaves, ripe red fruit glowing in bright sunlight. The tomatoes dying back. I have noticed: Golden birch leaves, dull, pock marked, dried and tattered. I … Continue reading

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Confronting Inequality and Poverty

Moving toward a beautiful and sustainable world we must confront an enormous challenge. About a quarter of us live totally impoverished lives; the standard answer to this question is to encourage economic growth. But on a finite world we cannot … Continue reading

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This week

The most vivid science stories this week, both underpin sustainability and are truly beautiful. The first another glorious photograph from Curiosity, the dot of the Earth and, when enhanced, the moon; from Mars!  To me the photograph brings perspective to … Continue reading

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January Dawn

This morning I sat outside sipping my coffee; black, no sugar. The sky a pre-dawn dark, with Venus low to the east and the waning moon above and to the left. The chill air crept through my sweatshirt and chilled … Continue reading

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