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What do Women Want? What do Men want?

A recent paper has answers. Both women and men want cuddling, romance and to enjoy expressing their sexuality. The paper, Sexual diversity in the United States : Results from a nationally representative probability study of adult women and men” was … Continue reading

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7 ways reading improves health, according to science | TreeHugger

This inforgraphic from Global English Editing makes great points, reading helps: live longer, reduce stress, relaxation and sleep, slows mental decline, helps depression, increases happiness and builds social skills and links to others but I want to question this as … Continue reading

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Researchers Identify Gene Variants Linked to Synesthesia | The Scientist Magazine®

I am fascinated with synesthesia, just imagining the experience of listening to music and seeing colours like nebulae or aurora through my eyes. That is how I imagine sound to colour synesthesia would be. This gift is called, chromesthesia and … Continue reading

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A lifetime of regular exercise slows down aging, study finds — ScienceDaily

I think this is useful to know. And now we will take Bart, our dog, for a walk. A group of older people who have exercised all of their lives, were compared to a group of similarly aged adults and … Continue reading

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Natural mummies from Predynastic Egypt reveal the world’s earliest figural tattoos

I never thought I would be interested in receiving a tattoo but a recent article has got me thinking. Bruce Parker writing for The Edge, wrote an essay titled, “Science made this possible”. I think that would be a wonderful … Continue reading

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