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My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.

Beyond Science and Technology: Creating Planetary Health Needs Not Just ‘Head Stuff’, but Social Engagement and ‘Heart, Gut and Spirit’ Stuff

I am often frustrated because environmental authors, journalists and media speak problems not solutions. This paper’s author avoids that trap, he introduces the problems; that’s the “Head Stuff”and then solutions: that’s the “Heart, gut and spirit stuff’. I’m not interested … Continue reading

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Art Matters podcast: the Vagina Museum and vulvas in art | Art UK

I keep returning to this point. The more sexuality knowledge we have, the more pleasure, and the fewer children we have. Sustainability and beauty are directly linked to education, especially sex education. And we enjoy sex. This podcast and article … Continue reading

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(40) Awe – YouTube

  This is an amazing pickup. How does he find the energy, the life, and creative motivation to create this? I want this. “We have a responsibility to awe!”

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Flourishing: Maureen Gaffney

I bought this book months age and it has been sitting in my to-read-pile ever since. In fact, I have been avoiding it, ignoring it because I was clearly not flourishing: overwhelmed, fried and burned out was more like it. … Continue reading

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New Year 2020

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(52) The Science & Art of Crafting Your Story: Maureen Gaffney at TEDxTallaght 2012 – YouTube

This is an awesomely useful video. I recommend it to you. via (52) The Science & Art of Crafting Your Story: Maureen Gaffney at TEDxTallaght 2012 – YouTube

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How to Be More Interesting: 5 Steps You Can Take Today

This is from the wonderful Vanessa Van Edwards. She’s a little over the top and excited, and she does have a point. Be curious and interesting. I particularly agree with asking thoughtful questions: What is the weirdest food you have … Continue reading

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More than having options, freedom is being true to yourself | Aeon Essays

This essay is messing with my head. It’s about freedom but that’s a complicated and challenging concept because we are socialized to limit ourselves and because society’s institutions lock us into these limits. Are we free if we cannot imagine … Continue reading

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I enjoy cross-over work especially when it is music crossover into reading. And I have a soft-spot for piano. This is Amanda Palmer on Judy Blume, a writer who has had an enormous impact writing clearly on growing from a … Continue reading

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How to Tell a Great Story: Using the Science of Storytelling To Share Your Message

You’ve heard that storytelling is important in business, and in life; that it’s a powerful tool that has lasting impact. But why is that? Vanessa Va explores these questions on her website and blog; and she has full programs of … Continue reading

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