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My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.

The Ultimate Women in Science Reading List: 150 Essential Titles!

Source: The Ultimate Women in Science Reading List: 150 Essential Titles! Advertisements

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(79) Hildegard von Bingen – Hortus Deliciarum – YouTube

This is a wonderful piece of music: Relaxing, interesting and calm. Humans at our cooperative best.

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(73) Beethoven Silence – YouTube

A beautiful piece of music. Quite different from my experience with Beethoven. Please, enjoy the holidays.

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Science Writing: European Union votes to keep Glyphosate.

This is the second piece of writing for the science writing course. I used the Nature article and information from Science Media center as my sources. European Union votes to keep Glyphosate: Weed control tool at risk. The European Union … Continue reading

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Science Writing: This man studies stardust.

I have begun a Science Writing MOOC from the University of Leeds. This is one early assignment. This man studies stardust. I’m talking to Professor John Plane who studies cosmic dust. That’s the fine dust from meteorites that falls down … Continue reading

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A Very Pagan Christmas Special

Explore the dark origins of Christmas with this pagan Christmas special from Macabre Mondays. Source: A Very Pagan Christmas Special

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Tim Radford on science writing: ‘Don’t be afraid to ask simple questions’ | Science | The Guardian

I will read and think about this. Our blog to accompany the 2013 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize asks top science writers about their craft. First up, former Guardian science editor Tim Radford Source: Tim Radford on science writing: ‘Don’t … Continue reading

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The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge | Brain Pickings

My son and his partner graduated with their first degrees last Friday. They both graduated from Massey University, a university in New Zealand. I was incredibly encouraged when the businessman brought on to motivate the graduates, told them to “stay … Continue reading

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The greatest gift. | Holstee

A thought for today. “Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a gift to be enjoyed”.  (Søren Kierkegaard? J. “Koos” van der Leeuw?) “Day by day and year by year, we race through life — running around … Continue reading

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Forget the to-do list: You need a ‘do more’ and ‘do less’ list | TreeHugger

At any stage of the year this is a useful idea to consider: For me: Do more: Time with Helana, Family, and Bart (our dog), writing (Blogs… my projects), reading, walking, museums, art, music (and writing responses to all of … Continue reading

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