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My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.

Deborah Hill Cone: We should be boosting the arts in schools not bleeding them dry – NZ Herald

This I agree with. I’m listening to Lorde’s Pure Heroine and expecting to buy Melodrama today. Don’t tell me that studying arts is a waste of time. Supporting broad arts education as well as literacy and maths is critical and … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King, Jr., “What Is Your Life’s Blueprint?” – YouTube

I have recently been listening to Martin Luther King, “What is Your Life’s Blueprint”. There is plenty here, in summary: We have worth, grab all opportunities to learn and grow, and be the best you can be. Please study this; … Continue reading

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10 Learnings from 10 Years of Brain Pickings – Brain Pickings

I regularly enjoy and reflect on Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings.  She reviews all sorts or books and with helpful and useful comments.  Last night I watched the linked video:  it is magic.  It’s  a difficult time for me.  After years … Continue reading

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The Mother of all questions: Rebecca Solnit

Early in this collection of essays essayist Rebecca Solnit tells a story.  She was just off a plane, interviewed on television during a book tour.  Her interviewer, a man obsessed with her lack of children.  As she puts it, “Instead … Continue reading

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The Heroism of Being a Contrarian: Jacob Bronowski on the Essential Character Trait of the Creative Person – Brain Pickings

Jacob Bronowski is a hero of mine for his Ascent of Man television series.  He is one of the most democratic and broad thinkers I have read.  This article challenges me as I am too relaxed and not contrarian to … Continue reading

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Get a better life: say NO.

This article is a useful counter balance to the “self help myth”. I am clear, one day I will go into my doctor’s office and I will leave a dead man.  That is life, one day I will die.   What … Continue reading

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I tracked my happiness for a year to get data on how to build a more joyful life

I am finding this a useful and thoughtful article.  Both as a technique I can use and the writer’s conclusions match what I think makes me happy.  Meeting personal stretch goals and time with family and friends and my guitar … Continue reading

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Consumer culture is dead. Long live creators | Aeon Essays

This is a fascinating and useful essay which I read in “A Culture Reader for Writers.  Ed. John Mark.  2014).  I found the Aeon version later after I had written notes. The question is why does creative work help so … Continue reading

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What Does the World Oldest Surviving Piano Sound Like?: Watch Pianist Give a Performance on a 1720 Cristofori Piano | Open Culture

I cannot imagine the world without a piano.  So many hours listening to Sarah, my daughter, learn and play this amazing and expressive instrument. (Sarah has played on the Red Piano, pictured, when it was at Te Manawa, here in … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Age of Wonder Richard Holmes

The age of wonder: How the romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science. Richard Holmes 2008. Pantheon Books, New York. This is a different direction for me. Biography is outside my normal reading and as such a possibility … Continue reading

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