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A lifetime of regular exercise slows down aging, study finds — ScienceDaily

I think this is useful to know. And now we will take Bart, our dog, for a walk. A group of older people who have exercised all of their lives, were compared to a group of similarly aged adults and … Continue reading

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The book that made me a feminist | Books | The Guardian

I have a problem with the language of empowerment. Students write, as do organizations like the World Bank, of the need to empower women (or what ever group they choose). My problem is that the powerful do not give power… … Continue reading

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BBC – Capital – The compelling case for working a lot less

In New Zealand we, on average, work long hours; and we have major problems with depression, anxiety and suicide. But our economists worry that we are not productive enough. The conflicting ideas and values are clear. For me, looking toward … Continue reading

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Book Review: Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards

I have an embarrassing habit. I read self improvement books. Vanessa Van Edwards writes self improvement books ; actually she researches human behaviour and is an effective science communicator. She caught my eye when I was looking for short videos … Continue reading

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Writing for Science Workshop 2

We can always improve on something we love. The second workshop started well, again an early start and into Wellington too soon. We examined introductions, that is like a speech begin well or your reader is gone. We practised writing; … Continue reading

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How to Hack Willpower

How to Hack Willpower. I enjoyed a recent piano competition but my daughter was the only European face there. Why is this? Do New, New Zealanders have more willpower than others? Maybe they do. A recent New Scientist article ‘Yes … Continue reading

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