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Beyond Science and Technology: Creating Planetary Health Needs Not Just ‘Head Stuff’, but Social Engagement and ‘Heart, Gut and Spirit’ Stuff

I am often frustrated because environmental authors, journalists and media speak problems not solutions. This paper’s author avoids that trap, he introduces the problems; that’s the “Head Stuff”and then solutions: that’s the “Heart, gut and spirit stuff’. I’m not interested … Continue reading

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Flourishing: Maureen Gaffney

I bought this book months age and it has been sitting in my to-read-pile ever since. In fact, I have been avoiding it, ignoring it because I was clearly not flourishing: overwhelmed, fried and burned out was more like it. … Continue reading

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New Year 2020

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More than having options, freedom is being true to yourself | Aeon Essays

This essay is messing with my head. It’s about freedom but that’s a complicated and challenging concept because we are socialized to limit ourselves and because society’s institutions lock us into these limits. Are we free if we cannot imagine … Continue reading

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Want to improve your life? Just learn to say no | Life and style | The Guardian

This is a thought I’m struggling with. The idea of “Just saying no.”Not so much in my personal life and the organizations I choose to join but at work, I struggle to set boundaries. And the advice to “just say … Continue reading

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“If you work too hard, you will keep going in the same direction” Paul Nurse, Nobel Laureate – YouTube

This is personal. I find myself working so hard that nurturing myself, developing new directions and new projects becomes a formidable challenge. Currently writing an escape plan is my most important and urgent task.

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THE GRETA THUNBERG PROBLEM, so many men freaking out about the tiny Swedish climate demon | First Dog on the Moon | Opinion | The Guardian

For my view I think her got0 statement, “Follow the scientists” dodges many of the criticisms. And she is absolutely correct in her summary of the urgency of change. Is she the brainwasher or brainwashee? Source: THE GRETA THUNBERG PROBLEM, … Continue reading

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‘It’s a superpower’: how walking makes us healthier, happier and brainier | Life and style | The Guardian

I have walked forever: when I was a child my spring task was to walk down and check on the calving cows. Dad wanted to know how many, the gender of the calves and any problems. After High School in … Continue reading

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He Ara Kotahi: Palmerston North’s new cycle and pedestrian bridge lights up.

He Ara Kotahi has been open for a month now and it is a wonderful asset for Palmerston North. The bridge is a beautiful thing, and useful, bringing the far side of the river into the cities walking and cycling … Continue reading

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Collection of space sounds released to mark 50 years since the moon landings – video | Science | The Guardian

This just plays to my love of science. (Should I get a tattoo on my forearm that says, “Science made this possible”). To mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landings later this month, an interactive collection of the sounds … Continue reading

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