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Researchers achieve ‘Olympic ring’ molecule breakthrough just in time for Winter Games — ScienceDaily

This is just so… cool. I’m still a chemist! More than 7,000 miles away from the snowcapped peaks of PyeongChang, scientists in Florida have unlocked a novel strategy for synthesizing a highly versatile molecule called olympicene — a compound of … Continue reading

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Through our critics’ eyes – The Washington Post

I’ve been reading from the Washington Post an article titled, “Through our critics eyes: music, movies, dance and theatre: comments from Washington Post critics”. I’m fascinated by the question, “How can I pay attention”, as I seek a deeper experience. … Continue reading

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Ursula K. Le Guin on Art, Storytelling, and the Power of Language to Transform and Redeem – Brain Pickings

I was eight, bare kneed sitting cross-legged on the mat enthralled by the story Miss Lamerson was reading to her class. Tranced by the story of a wizard in a far off land. The school year finished before she could … Continue reading

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