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Writing for Science Workshop 1

We can always improve on something we love. It’s a strange day when I rise at 5 (That’s normal), on the road at 6.15 (That’s strange), on a train at 7.30 (before the estimate) and in Wellington at 8.30 for … Continue reading

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Curiosity: The Good, the Bad, and the Double-Edged Sword | Psychology Today

This is a great read, thoughtful and complex; and well structured and understandable. Well worth reading in full. Curiosity is a doubled-edged sword with many benefits, but also a dark side. Source: Curiosity: The Good, the Bad, and the Double-Edged … Continue reading

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sagan*sense – Going on a run or a walk in the forest is great…

I think we need to remember this. As much as the outdoors and exercise is wonderful, it is not medicine and depression is all too often a serious disease that needs serious treatment.  Be sure look after yourself, and if … Continue reading

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Friday essay: the legend of Ishtar, first goddess of love and war

This is a fascinating account of the earliest goddess of war and love. It is also tells that the first recorded poet was a Enheduanna a priestess of the Moon God thought to have lived in Ur about 2300 BC. … Continue reading

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Being Busy Permanently Reduces Your Capacity to Think Deeply and Creatively | Big Think

This article suggests we need to “chill out’ if we value creativity. My view is that that is correct. Too much worry and stress, too much business kills you, as a human, a member of society and as a creative … Continue reading

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