This blog is written by Dr Maurice Judd I  have a passion for science and education; my professional expertise is in science as a physical organic and environmental chemist, and as a teacher.  My current role is teaching the opportunities in sustainable development to postgraduate international students.  I am growing as a science communicator here and with my other passion, the Toastmasters Leadership programme.
I am married with two children.  I work as positively as I can for a better, sustainable world.  We live in New Zealand.

My real task; and the focus of this blog is:  story telling: science and opportunity; beauty and curiosity.

Remember: Science made this possible.

I am for:
I am for: planting trees, looking after forests  and freshwater
I am for: our companions on this planet.

I am for:  human rights
I am for:  education
I am for: universal healthcare
I am for: positive consensual sexuality

I am for:  universal social security; especially for the young, old and sick.

I am for:  mindfulness
I am for: real measures of human well-being
I am for: efficient, well designed products that last.

I am for: technology that reduces human impacts; that encourages participation, that is human in scale and action
I am for:  human and innovative institutions, and business leading these.

I am for:  long term thinking; for children and their grandchildren
I am for: democracy; local, national and international participation
I am for: cooperative businesses

I am for: transparency
I am for:  considered evidence based values.

I am for:  opportunity and entrepreneurship
I am for: curiosity and exploration
I am for: beauty
I am for: expressions of beauty
I am for: honest feelings
I am for: integrity and honesty in words and deeds
I am for:  truth, beauty and life.

2 Responses to About

  1. snagglewordz says:

    Maurice, The theme of your blog is inspired and I enjoy reading your posts. Sustainability and beauty can work hand in hand! I’m presenting you with The Versatile Blogger award. Congratulations! http://wp.me/p1VCzf-6O


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