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Forget the to-do list: You need a ‘do more’ and ‘do less’ list | TreeHugger

At any stage of the year this is a useful idea to consider: For me: Do more: Time with Helana, Family, and Bart (our dog), writing (Blogs… my projects), reading, walking, museums, art, music (and writing responses to all of … Continue reading

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(70) Delibes: Lakmé – Duo des fleurs (Flower Duet), Sabine Devieilhe & Marianne Crebassa – YouTube

This is simply beautiful. Notice how Homo sapans cooperates: Two sopranos, piano, orchestra, conductor, audience; Wonderful! One of my daughter’s favorites.

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Metamorphosis Polly Morland A Review

I am fascinated by the idea of change; particularly, how we change for the better. This book written by journalist Polly Morland is titled “Metamorphosis: How and Why we change”. It’s not a self-help book, rather Polly seeks to explore … Continue reading

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The sounds of a Martian sunrise inspire short musical composition | Ars Technica

I am fascinated by examples where science becomes the inspiration for art. In this case, scientists took a photograph of the Martian sunrise from Opportunity’s camera and by a process described as sonification generated sound. This remarkable piece is the … Continue reading

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(70) How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed | Daniel Levitin – YouTube

I’m in the middle of a really stressful time. It is a sensible thought to prepare yourself for times like this. Here are some are sensible suggestions worth listening to.

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Mind fuck: The perils of the hero entrepreneur mythology | Idealog

I am teaching and encouraging my students to identify fake news and to question dominant narratives, this builds capacity for critical thinking and self-empowerment and agency. Stories of the hero-entrepreneur are commonly told to encourage us to emulate them but … Continue reading

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