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Nigel and Bruce: the night-soil collectors

How can I to communicate the choices we have to climate-change-action-skeptics. This blog is practice working towards a story telling approach I would like to use more widely. The year was 1859. The place a poor back street in London. … Continue reading

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Book Notes: Sea Change

I have always understood the challenges we face with environmental pollution. That was the topic of my first speech in Miss Lamason’s class in 1967. I was six years old. Since that time I have read and studied environmental science … Continue reading

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How to Make a Learning Bucket List | Science of People

At present, I’m busy at work. It is going to be a series of short blogs for a while as I concentrate on work and slowly on a bigger post. But I am keeping on with my goal of blogging … Continue reading

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Tell Stories: HPV Vaccine, What I want you to do.

This week I discovered that Japan’s HPV vaccine rate has dropped to almost zero today from 70% in 2013. It’s a horror story for those of us supporting vaccination. Are there lessons for us in New Zealand and around the … Continue reading

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The book that made me a feminist | Books | The Guardian

I have a problem with the language of empowerment. Students write, as do organizations like the World Bank, of the need to empower women (or what ever group they choose). My problem is that the powerful do not give power… … Continue reading

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Silence and powerlessness go hand in hand – women’s voices must be heard | Rebecca Solnit | Opinion | The Guardian

I was not aware, until a student questioned me, that I did not notice the footprint of power. When I began exploring around power, one of the Wikipedia entries made the point that silence is often a consequence of the … Continue reading

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Preventing the all-consuming sound pollution of modern life starts with listening to nature | Aeon Videos

One of the most intense moments of my life was standing next to a stream meters away from a trampling hut on the Mt Pouakai crossing. We had walked all day and I just stopped; focused my senses and concentrated. … Continue reading

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Consumer culture is dead. Long live creators | Aeon Essays

This is a fascinating and useful essay which I read in “A Culture Reader for Writers.  Ed. John Mark.  2014).  I found the Aeon version later after I had written notes. The question is why does creative work help so … Continue reading

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Clitoris vs vagina: When studying the female orgasm, the whole is more than the sum of its parts

This is a taboo area for me. I’m nervous about this stuff but as we seek sustainable and beautiful ways of life honest and loving relationships are essential.   So we must be more open about our sexuality.  What is … Continue reading

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In lament of the NZ Farm – Pure Advantage

Toward a resilient and sustainable way of life in New Zealand we must diversify away from intensive agriculture.  Business as usual is an enormous risk.  Here is why. On the road to becoming the Detroit of agriculture. Colleague and Christchurch … Continue reading

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