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Changing GM policy will be good for the environment and Carbon Zero | Stuff.co.nz

There are two science based issues I have changed my mind on. Genetic engineering is, I have concluded, a useful idea. New Zealand needs to reassess its attitude to the technology. OPINION: The science has moved on since NZ restricted … Continue reading

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Sciblogs | Seeds of Change

For those who are interested (From my last blog) this is Bronwyn Hayward’s Science blog on Science Blogs New Zealand. Well worth a full read. Bronwyn Hayward The 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change deliberately left making decisions about what … Continue reading

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Four ways you can support the YouthStrike4Climate movement | UK Student Climate Network | Opinion | The Guardian

We must remember that as well as sorting out gun control in New Zealand, we must keep Government on track to pass the Zero Carbon bill and introduce fair tax measures that bring the environmental externalities into the price. We … Continue reading

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(70) How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed | Daniel Levitin – YouTube

I’m in the middle of a really stressful time. It is a sensible thought to prepare yourself for times like this. Here are some are sensible suggestions worth listening to.

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The book that made me a feminist | Books | The Guardian

I have a problem with the language of empowerment. Students write, as do organizations like the World Bank, of the need to empower women (or what ever group they choose). My problem is that the powerful do not give power… … Continue reading

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Finnish citizens given universal basic income report lower stress levels and greater incentive to work | The Independent

This is an interesting report on an Universal Basic Income programme in Finland. Initial results are promising, as the recipients can work part-time and start businesses without the disincentives of losing support often found with current social security benefits. Interestingly, … Continue reading

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A Quiet Leader Is Still a Real Leader – Quiet Revolution

I have always preferred quiet, and disliked loud and exuberant but can quiet people lead? Certainly the answer is yes. In many cases, yes! My experience is that often quiet leadership works well. Think of Toastmasters and Scouting and voluntary … Continue reading

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In lament of the NZ Farm – Pure Advantage

Toward a resilient and sustainable way of life in New Zealand we must diversify away from intensive agriculture.  Business as usual is an enormous risk.  Here is why. On the road to becoming the Detroit of agriculture. Colleague and Christchurch … Continue reading

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Can scientists agree on a definition of curiosity? — ScienceDaily

What a find for a Sunday afternoon.  Curiosity is one of my most important drivers.  Ultimately I earned my science degrees because I was curious and because learning is fun.  And clearly humans are successful, to a degree, because we … Continue reading

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Increased curiosity is the ‘silver lining’ of a quarter life and midlife crisis — ScienceDaily

It seems that crises in life have an upside.  Post crisis adults are more curious and open.  Evidence of this was presented to the British Psycological Society by Dr Oliver Robinson and James Demetre of the University of Greenwich and … Continue reading

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