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300 Posts

I have posted 300 times since beginning in October 2011. Ive enjoyed doing this and will continue. Thanks to all of you who following. Over 800 now. Here is the statement about my purpose here. In many ways my posts … Continue reading

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7 mighty benefits of writing by hand : TreeHugger

Whenever I meet an actively creative person: like an author, poet, film-maker or musician, I ask about process; especially, if they use a physical or electronic notebook. The answers vary, although most tell me they use physical notebooks. The electronics … Continue reading

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Writing your story — The Story Collider

I am excited to see The Story Collider coming to New Zealand but two hours hours drive away from me! Nevertheless, the training materials and Podcsts are excellent. I plan to spend many hours learning here. If you live in … Continue reading

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300 Years Of Handel’s ‘Water Music,’ With A Splash Of Politics : Deceptive Cadence : NPR

This is a wonderful article, with links to a Water Music performance. Please take time to enjoy this. Notice, even with the political competition, this is a wonderful example of creative and innovative cooperation. Three hundred years ago, England’s embattled … Continue reading

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Why the Greatest Work of Your Life Will Require A Compass, Not a Map | The Creativity Post

The piece is on finding your way through life; different from the norm. It challenges me in ways I struggle to put into words. I am ready for a change but I don’t have a direction. And I feel stuck. … Continue reading

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Access to nature reduces depression and obesity, finds European study | Society | The Guardian

Rather than writing this morning, I though it appropriate to walk Bart, our dog. This is Bart before we left. He was covered in mud when we returned. Lovely day after a storm. Remember the health and well-being benefits of … Continue reading

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What’s the point of sex? It’s good for your physical, social and mental health

Generally speaking the more knowledgeable we are sexually the less children we have. This is a clear sustainable step forward. This article from Fiona Kate Barlow and Brendon Zeitsch of the University of Queensland outlines the: physical, social and mental … Continue reading

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Preventing the all-consuming sound pollution of modern life starts with listening to nature | Aeon Videos

One of the most intense moments of my life was standing next to a stream meters away from a trampling hut on the Mt Pouakai crossing. We had walked all day and I just stopped; focused my senses and concentrated. … Continue reading

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Clitoris vs vagina: When studying the female orgasm, the whole is more than the sum of its parts

This is a taboo area for me. I’m nervous about this stuff but as we seek sustainable and beautiful ways of life honest and loving relationships are essential.   So we must be more open about our sexuality.  What is … Continue reading

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Beauty has a dark side: Morbid curiosity explained — ScienceDaily

Everyone loves a good train wreak.  Eric G. Watson. This book, which I have not read looks fascinating; now on my reading list. I  view curiosity as one of my most important motivators.  Why else would I spend so much … Continue reading

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