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Friday essay: the legend of Ishtar, first goddess of love and war

This is a fascinating account of the earliest goddess of war and love. It is also tells that the first recorded poet was a Enheduanna a priestess of the Moon God thought to have lived in Ur about 2300 BC. … Continue reading

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sagan*sense – glorfindhel: Contact (1997) → dir. Robert…

For all poets.  From 1997 Contact.

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Conversation with a Poet.

Conversation with Joe, a Poet. Yesterday I asked Joe, a friend who is a poet, if she wanted her son as a poet. Her answer was no; the whole angst and bleakness of the archetypal poets life, speaks against it. … Continue reading

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the cinnamon peeler’s wife

This blog is a favorite of mine; this quote from the “Dead Poet’s Society” sings to me. Check out the “Cinnamon peeler’s wife’s” blog. The author has just self published her first poetry book. Simply wonderful. the cinnamon peeler's wife.

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