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Art and science connect

I have been waiting for this weekend for, maybe, six months. A local science, technology and arts exhibition. And I enjoyed the little I saw. Typically, my daughter was singing and exactly the time the S+Art seminar was on, but … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Passionate People

Saturday, I spent the day at the Manawatu Performing Arts Singing Contests.  I attended in the morning because my daughter was competing and so my wife and I were there supporting her. I decided to attend in the evening, to … Continue reading

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My experience is we all procrastinate. One thing I have learned is, action motivates. I am learning guitar, so play. I’m learning to write, so write. I am learning to photograph, so take the picture. What do you want to … Continue reading

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30×30 Challenge

We are happier, healthier;  just better, when we spend time outside: light, fresh air, wind, stars, moon-light, forest, individual trees, running water, a still lake, the roaring sea…  Outside is magic. This week I received my email from DavidSuzuki dot … Continue reading

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Weatbix Triathion

A week ago my daughter took part in the Weetbix Triathlon here in Palmerston North. A little under 2000 children between the ages of six and fifteen; swimming, biking and running. It was marvellously well organised, the day was sunny … Continue reading

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Sustainability, Beauty and Libraries

Here where we live in Palmerston North the city library is described as the “living room of the city”. I think libraries are much more than that. My view is that libraries are magical repositories of the universe, full of … Continue reading

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The Official Manawatu Flash Mob Video – Let It Be – YouTube

Homo sapiens has been successful because we cooperate, and because we compete; that has resulted in an extraordinary acceleration of cultural evolution.  I would like to repeat, we are successful because we cooperate.  The story that we have to compete … Continue reading

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