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Misbehaving: being clever and wicked is a form of creativity | Aeon Ideas

I like this. Would you steal a bunch of flowers from a graveside? The dark side of creativity means that you can be both clever and wicked What an fascinating subject. Creativity has a dark side. We already knew that. … Continue reading

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Singing for science: How the arts can help students who struggle most — ScienceDaily

When I was a High-School teacher, I had a lesson where I taught the physical state of gasses, liquids, and solids; we began the class with an exercise where the students stood in a tight rigid organized group (solid), then … Continue reading

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(1) Climate strike: Students walk out of classes as part of global protest – live | Environment | The Guardian

I am hopeful that finally we will begin change. It’s been years now, telling students we know what we need to do, the barrier is having the political will. These protests give me hope that that time is finally today. … Continue reading

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My Critique of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Self Improvement by Stephen Covey – YouTube

This video is a summary of a book I read many years ago. Worth revisiting, yet I’ve moved on. Covey doesn’t speak to me at all now. Yes, he teaches skills that are useful, skills I use every day toward … Continue reading

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BBC – Capital – The compelling case for working a lot less

In New Zealand we, on average, work long hours; and we have major problems with depression, anxiety and suicide. But our economists worry that we are not productive enough. The conflicting ideas and values are clear. For me, looking toward … Continue reading

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Wild scientists: academics in their natural habitat – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

I’m jealous, wish I was still a scientist.  Tamara Dean follows researchers at work. It’s great. Scientists are certainly my heroes. Tamara Dean captures Australian researchers on the ground and in the field (not to mention water, caves and bush) … Continue reading

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Friday essay: the legend of Ishtar, first goddess of love and war

This is a fascinating account of the earliest goddess of war and love. It is also tells that the first recorded poet was a Enheduanna a priestess of the Moon God thought to have lived in Ur about 2300 BC. … Continue reading

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What I have discovered this week: Science Writers and Magic lessons

Three times a year between terms I find myself dreaming a passion for science story telling. I love the stories, I’m a PhD in science and a teacher, but I seek to learn and do more. But, how? This week … Continue reading

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Laura Mvula warns school cuts will leave music as preserve of the wealthy

This is a thoughtful piece from the Guardian by Laura Mvula on the need to continue supporting and encouraging a broad base of subjects in school.  Especially music. Those of you who know me will know, I play the guitar, … Continue reading

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‘It’s not about your age, it’s about your ideas’: the teen power list

I think this article from the Guardian builds on my book review. Young people are amazing innovators. The best point here is that the areas of impact are across: science, art, media, culture, …. STEAM in all its glory. Wonderful; … Continue reading

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