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Science Writing: European Union votes to keep Glyphosate.

This is the second piece of writing for the science writing course. I used the Nature article and information from Science Media center as my sources. European Union votes to keep Glyphosate: Weed control tool at risk. The European Union … Continue reading

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Science Writing: This man studies stardust.

I have begun a Science Writing MOOC from the University of Leeds. This is one early assignment. This man studies stardust. I’m talking to Professor John Plane who studies cosmic dust. That’s the fine dust from meteorites that falls down … Continue reading

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(70) How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed | Daniel Levitin – YouTube

I’m in the middle of a really stressful time. It is a sensible thought to prepare yourself for times like this. Here are some are sensible suggestions worth listening to.

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(57) Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014 – Official UN Video – YouTube

At a time when the world is challenging us, it is important to remember that progress is being made. Here is Emma Watson motivating us. “It’s about freedom!”

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Prof. Michael Hartshorn RIP

I recently learned that my mentor through postgraduate study has passed away. Here is the text of a speech I recently gave telling how important he was to me. In February 1985 I flew from Hamilton where I worked as … Continue reading

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The book that made me a feminist | Books | The Guardian

I have a problem with the language of empowerment. Students write, as do organizations like the World Bank, of the need to empower women (or what ever group they choose). My problem is that the powerful do not give power… … Continue reading

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Book Review: Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards

I have an embarrassing habit. I read self improvement books. Vanessa Van Edwards writes self improvement books ; actually she researches human behaviour and is an effective science communicator. She caught my eye when I was looking for short videos … Continue reading

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How to Hack Willpower

How to Hack Willpower. I enjoyed a recent piano competition but my daughter was the only European face there. Why is this? Do New, New Zealanders have more willpower than others? Maybe they do. A recent New Scientist article ‘Yes … Continue reading

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Sciblogs | The Story Collider Has Been

I attended the Story Collider workshop on Thursday at Victoria University in Wellington, and I’m excited that I did. I learned heaps and it was wonderful just to sit in a room with thirty other passionate science tellers. Thanks SCANZ … Continue reading

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7 mighty benefits of writing by hand : TreeHugger

Whenever I meet an actively creative person: like an author, poet, film-maker or musician, I ask about process; especially, if they use a physical or electronic notebook. The answers vary, although most tell me they use physical notebooks. The electronics … Continue reading

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