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The Heroism of Being a Contrarian: Jacob Bronowski on the Essential Character Trait of the Creative Person – Brain Pickings

Jacob Bronowski is a hero of mine for his Ascent of Man television series.  He is one of the most democratic and broad thinkers I have read.  This article challenges me as I am too relaxed and not contrarian to … Continue reading

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I tracked my happiness for a year to get data on how to build a more joyful life

I am finding this a useful and thoughtful article.  Both as a technique I can use and the writer’s conclusions match what I think makes me happy.  Meeting personal stretch goals and time with family and friends and my guitar … Continue reading

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Consumer culture is dead. Long live creators | Aeon Essays

This is a fascinating and useful essay which I read in “A Culture Reader for Writers.  Ed. John Mark.  2014).  I found the Aeon version later after I had written notes. The question is why does creative work help so … Continue reading

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Can creativity beat death? New study suggests creatives worry less about dying — ScienceDaily

I find this encouraging, especially at a time when, it seems to me, the forces of destruction are in ascendance.  Those of us who seek to build:  families, buildings, songs… anything; we fear death less.  My view has always been, … Continue reading

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Beauty has a dark side: Morbid curiosity explained — ScienceDaily

Everyone loves a good train wreak.  Eric G. Watson. This book, which I have not read looks fascinating; now on my reading list. I  view curiosity as one of my most important motivators.  Why else would I spend so much … Continue reading

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This Is What An Ancient Egyptian Woman Looked LIke

This is interesting.  A mummies head was scanned and her features reconstructed.  A fascinating project for the students and scientists involved and great to read.  Additionally, she was anaemic probably because of parasites. Using the latest technology and hours of … Continue reading

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Cross Connect Magazine

Source: Cross Connect Magazine Follow the link to see more of these amazing artworks. Amazing.

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Can scientists agree on a definition of curiosity? — ScienceDaily

What a find for a Sunday afternoon.  Curiosity is one of my most important drivers.  Ultimately I earned my science degrees because I was curious and because learning is fun.  And clearly humans are successful, to a degree, because we … Continue reading

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Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music | TED Talk | TED.com

Music transforms lives.  Certainly music changed and is changing my life.  What about yours?  What ever age you are, begin. And humour, and fun!  

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The Science of Awe and Why It Matters at Work – Quiet Revolution

  This is wonderful advice; go outside, breathe deeply, focus on scents and light.  Relax.  And follow the links, they are awesome. Advice on how to create an experience of awe at work to increase a sense of curiosity, innovation, … Continue reading

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