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Martin Luther King, Jr., “What Is Your Life’s Blueprint?” – YouTube

I have recently been listening to Martin Luther King, “What is Your Life’s Blueprint”. There is plenty here, in summary: We have worth, grab all opportunities to learn and grow, and be the best you can be. Please study this; … Continue reading

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The Heroism of Being a Contrarian: Jacob Bronowski on the Essential Character Trait of the Creative Person – Brain Pickings

Jacob Bronowski is a hero of mine for his Ascent of Man television series.  He is one of the most democratic and broad thinkers I have read.  This article challenges me as I am too relaxed and not contrarian to … Continue reading

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I tracked my happiness for a year to get data on how to build a more joyful life

I am finding this a useful and thoughtful article.  Both as a technique I can use and the writer’s conclusions match what I think makes me happy.  Meeting personal stretch goals and time with family and friends and my guitar … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Age of Wonder Richard Holmes

The age of wonder: How the romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science. Richard Holmes 2008. Pantheon Books, New York. This is a different direction for me. Biography is outside my normal reading and as such a possibility … Continue reading

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wanderingspace » Blog Archive » Saturnati XII

Just a beautiful photograph to expand our perspective.     wanderingspace » Blog Archive » Saturnati XII.

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This Is What An Ancient Egyptian Woman Looked LIke

This is interesting.  A mummies head was scanned and her features reconstructed.  A fascinating project for the students and scientists involved and great to read.  Additionally, she was anaemic probably because of parasites. Using the latest technology and hours of … Continue reading

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Cross Connect Magazine

Source: Cross Connect Magazine Follow the link to see more of these amazing artworks. Amazing.

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Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music | TED Talk | TED.com

Music transforms lives.  Certainly music changed and is changing my life.  What about yours?  What ever age you are, begin. And humour, and fun!  

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Our obsession with the natural world isn’t about power – it’s about love

The link takes us to Jonathan Jones’s response to the latest exhibition at the Welcome Trust in London.  How do we view our companions on this earth?  How has this changed over time?  Is the relationship always about power;  like … Continue reading

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Why Do the Blues Feel So Good?

I am spending much more time with music and although my musical friends play all types I find myself drawn to the blues.  This is a short comment on why the blues resonates so strongly.  But, not only that, blues … Continue reading

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