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The Mental Load: Honoring Your Story Over Your To-Do List | Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction

I struggle to write. Everyday my to-do-list grows longer with commitments that drag me out of the space where I can reflect, respond and report. When the work day finishes I’m zonked, wasted and useless; then onto YouTube and Kobo … Continue reading

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Chemistry Department University Of Canterbury

I graduated with my Ph.D. in March 1990, almost thirty years ago. I haven’t been back to Canterbury University since. Sadly my supervisor, Professor Micheal Hartshorn, passed away, about a year ago. Going back; bought mixed feelings. I had no … Continue reading

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Living the Change – A Documentary by Happen Films

On a day when our children are demanding change on the streets, we must begin to act. Here are some examples at the micro level. People who are making a difference. As a teacher and citizen I tell these stories … Continue reading

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(86) A. Piazzolla. Libertango – YouTube

This morning’s classical music: Labertango by Astor Piazzolla. Absolutely beautiful. Cooperation at its best. Moscow City Symphony “Russian Philharmonic” Phonograph Jazz Band Conductor — Honoured Artist of Russia Sergey Zhilin Soloists — Yuri Medyanik (bandoneon), Rodion Petrov (violin) Pair of … Continue reading

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Different: Stories about standing out in a crowd — The Story Collider

Story Collider is my favourite science story-place. Story Collider teaches scientists to tell personal stories and perform them: live. The stories have struck a cord with me so often that I have to pass on the gift. Enjoy these two … Continue reading

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Can ‘agritecture’ make cities self-sufficient? – in pictures | Cities | The Guardian

Ideas for agriculture in the city. Diversifying the food ways like this will build community and resilience as well as providing food. Have a great day. Roca London Gallery’s latest exhibition explores real-life projects and products helping city buildings grow … Continue reading

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BOLERO Ravel レーベルボレロ Orquesta Joven de la Sinfónica de Galicia ガリシア D: Vicente Alberola. Dvořák nº 8 – YouTube

Another beautiful cooperative endeavor.

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(79) Hildegard von Bingen – Hortus Deliciarum – YouTube

This is a wonderful piece of music: Relaxing, interesting and calm. Humans at our cooperative best.

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Forget the to-do list: You need a ‘do more’ and ‘do less’ list | TreeHugger

At any stage of the year this is a useful idea to consider: For me: Do more: Time with Helana, Family, and Bart (our dog), writing (Blogs… my projects), reading, walking, museums, art, music (and writing responses to all of … Continue reading

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(70) Delibes: Lakmé – Duo des fleurs (Flower Duet), Sabine Devieilhe & Marianne Crebassa – YouTube

This is simply beautiful. Notice how Homo sapans cooperates: Two sopranos, piano, orchestra, conductor, audience; Wonderful! One of my daughter’s favorites.

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