Want to improve your life? Just learn to say no | Life and style | The Guardian

This is a thought I’m struggling with.

The idea of “Just saying no.”Not so much in my personal life and the organizations I choose to join but at work, I struggle to set boundaries. And the advice to “just say no”, seems impossible.

Let’s be clear. The barrier is power. The boss has the power and we don’t.  Over commitment leads to exhaustion.  Personal projects stop. And so do we.

And power is also about expectations and social norms. Like the idea that a professional job requires more than a 40 hour a week commitment. That it is OK for a professional to be available 24/7. When did that become expected? When did that become normal? My view is that that is exploitation; that stealing a persons personal time is as evil as stealing their life. Like slavery.

To readers I say, protect and defend your energy and personal time.

“Just saying no” is a huge challenge; especially, when work forces it’s way into personal project time, or worse, when work drains energy and leaves no energy for personal projects. For me, the challenge is managing energy. In evenings I have time but the energy is spent, I’m wasted.

And I agree with Ken Robinson, energy is the measure of it.

We are used to saying yes to please others but it can be harmful not to be more assertive. And imagine what you can do with all that free time”

And consider this: if you said no more, what could you say yes to? More self-care, better mental health? More time with your kids? Working on your passion project? Allow the possibilities to inspire your no.”

Source: Want to improve your life? Just

learn to say no | Life and style | The Guardian

Ken Robinson on Energy

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