He Ara Kotahi: Palmerston North’s new cycle and pedestrian bridge lights up.

He Ara Kotahi has been open for a month now and it is a wonderful asset for Palmerston North. The bridge is a beautiful thing, and useful, bringing the far side of the river into the cities walking and cycling networks, and safe cycling commuting links from the city to university and to Linton.

He Ara Kotahi is beautiful!

I’m struggling to remember the name, but I always have struggled to learn names: class mates, authors, protagonists in the books I read; I just forget. That’s an embarrassment and socially maladaptive, but I learn. He Ara Kotahi! He Ara kotahi! He Ara Kotahi!

Tena Kotu, Tena Kotu, Tena Kotu, Kotoa.

City leaders experience a taste of things to come on He Ara Kotahi, which will open next month.

Source: Palmerston North’s new cycle and pedestrian bridge lights up | Stuff.co.nz

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