Shortland Street: The Musical (A Biased Review)

I’ve been to this wonderful musical twice already, and recommend it to you. From the opening car crash, to the middle truck crash, onto the ending hanging crisis, I was alert, amused and entertained. Once again Centerpoint shines and creates musical theater awesomeness. And I don’t know anything about Shortland Street the TV Program. All that’s required to enjoy this show is a sense of humour and the gumption to attend.

My biggest surprise is the cast list, although the cast is a mix of professional and “amateur” actors, it is actually fully professional. Actors trained at NASDA and Toi Whakaari, perform with super experienced music teachers and Abbey regulars; professional at every aspect. I’m biased (She is my daughter). A star is Sarah Judd playing the teen aged Rachel McKenna, she shines, especially in a scene with four other women in “The Five Wives of Doctor Warner”. Another standout performance was Gary Clark as Sir Bruce Warner with “Be a Villain”.

Attend the show and find your favorite. The whole show is a standout.

Tickets are selling fast, the final days are sold out, enjoy the fun; buy a ticket. You will love the show.

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