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For those who are interested (From my last blog) this is Bronwyn Hayward’s Science blog on Science Blogs New Zealand. Well worth a full read.

Bronwyn Hayward The 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change deliberately left making decisions about what to do to achieve change up to governments and relies on citizens to press their governments to do more. This was a deliberate decision so that diverse governments could at least agree climate change was a problem (a first vital step in international change), but that decision not to impose expectations on governments places a huge burden on citizens who now have the responsibility to press their respective governments for more change. This burden can leave people feeling overwhelmed. In reality, to tackle climate change effectively we need collective, organized responses – and this can leave individuals feeling hopeless; what can I can do as just one person in the face of such a big issue?…

The full article goes on to give ideas for change. Please read the full article.

Source: Sciblogs | Seeds of Change

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