Chemistry Department University Of Canterbury

I graduated with my Ph.D. in March 1990, almost thirty years ago. I haven’t been back to Canterbury University since. Sadly my supervisor, Professor Micheal Hartshorn, passed away, about a year ago.

Going back; bought mixed feelings. I had no camera thirty years ago and had no pictures. Rumour told me that the main chemistry building is being replaced… Will it be there? Has it been demolished?… Not yet. No-one knows the buildings’ future.

So the photo is the outside of my Chemistry Department, now called Rutherford East; the seven-story concrete monolith from my twenties. From the outside, it’s as solid and permanent as I remember. So many memories. Students, staff, instruments; mostly glassware, and the delicate handling finger work as I isolated and characterized each individual component of my reaction mixes. I still miss the way my heart sang as I did that work. And learning to write, that’s a difficult thing (Understatement). Particularly, I remember the guidance of Professor Micheal Heartshorn.

I turned thirty the year I graduated. I turn sixty later this year. I’ve learned and achieved since I left. This blog is one ongoing lesson and achievement.

Here I express, acknowledge, respect and thank the people and places that taught me; helped me grow; especially the friends of Christchurch (Sue and Steve, Alistar, Jeff and Yvonne, and Bruce), and the staff and students of the Canterbury Chemistry Department.

Kia Toa, Nia Ngakaunui

Dr Maurice Judd

Rutherford Building Canterbury University, New Zealand. I worked on the sixth floor, my laboratory window is most likely the last right in this photograph.

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My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.
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