(1) Climate strike: Students walk out of classes as part of global protest – live | Environment | The Guardian

I am hopeful that finally we will begin change.

It’s been years now, telling students we know what we need to do, the barrier is having the political will. These protests give me hope that that time is finally today.

In New Zealand, two important actions politicians can take: Pass an effective Zero Carbon Bill into law; and introduce Environmental Taxes taxing environmental externalities and introducing resource rentals as proposed in the Tax Working Group.

Passing these laws will take courage for our politicians, as powerful vested groups will push back and continue to demand continuation of their privileged position. And many New Zealanders will buy the nonsense about job losses and economic disaster, or just don’t want of understand the need for change. We cannot let these stories dominate.

We must be ready to counter the push back, restating the need to change, and with examples of the new industries and the thousands of jobs available in the green economy.

This is what hope looks like.

Kia Toa
Kia Ngakaunui

Young people, inspired by Greta Thunberg, rally on 15 March to press politicians to act on climate change

Source: (1) Climate strike: US students walk out of classes as part of global protest – live | Environment | The Guardian


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