Dancing with Mozart

The performance was amazing. I recommand this and we are so pleased we went.

This Saturday evening we are seeing Dancing with Mozart the RNZB performance of Divertimento No15 (original choreography by George Balanchine), Sechs Tanze and Petite Mort, (original choreography by Jiri Kylian) and The last Dance (choreography by Corey Baker). We have never been to the Ballet before. It’s a real treat. We are excited. I’ve been a fan of Jiri Kylian for many years and have imported two DVDs of his work at Nederlands Dans Theater. That is the theatre where Sechs Tanze and Petite Mort were originally performed. I’m so excited to see Petite Mort performed live and curious to see how different and in what ways this performance is different from the original recordings that I love. The ballet of Divertimento No15 is new to me so I’ve found a video performance and its much more classical than Sechs Tanze and Petite Mort in costumes and performance. Watching on screen was challenging, watching live will be more challenging.

Let me explain. When I listen to classical music, it’s overwhelming, often I close my eyes to focus on the sound but with ballet I need to see. I’m expecting an intense experience.

The Last Dance, I don’t know anything about: Dancers represent Antarctica set to Mozart’s Requiem. I’ll listen to that today but I have no idea about the ballet. That’s exciting and I look forward to the experience.

And, of course, it’s an evening with Mozart. That is exciting, even if it is a recording.

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