7 mighty benefits of writing by hand : TreeHugger

Whenever I meet an actively creative person: like an author, poet, film-maker or musician, I ask about process; especially, if they use a physical or electronic notebook. The answers vary, although most tell me they use physical notebooks. The electronics are for the second and subsequent revisions. That makes sense to me but I was bought up with pen and paper.

I am in the generation right on the cusp of change. I wrote my Masters Thesis by hand and my PhD was written on a Mac+. I learned to write on paper. That explains my preference for paper but I am constantly surprised when digital natives start with paper like I do.

I have just remembered another point. I love the feeling of a pen in my hand. Mostly I use a fountain pen on good quality paper. I love the way the pen writes.

This article explores the benefits of writing and it does say writing helps thinking and writing, which is my experience. Have a look. It is a thoughtful article.

While pen and paper may seem poised on the edge of obscurity, writing by hand offers a bevy of brain-boosting perks that should not be lost to technology.

Source: 7 mighty benefits of writing by hand : TreeHugger

The photo is one of my notebooks.


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