A Quiet Leader Is Still a Real Leader – Quiet Revolution

I have always preferred quiet, and disliked loud and exuberant but can quiet people lead? Certainly the answer is yes. In many cases, yes!

My experience is that often quiet leadership works well. Think of Toastmasters and Scouting and voluntary organizations, often the quiet leaders are the effective ones. So the answer is yes.

So my view is that, quiet leadership and is often (Pretty much always) more effective than “strong” leadership. After all who likes bullies!

So I was pleased to find this article exploring “Quiet” leadership. I recommend it to you.

Even introverts can buy into the notion they can’t be “real” leaders, as this introvert did. But an overwhelming feedback she received changed her mind.

Source: A Quiet Leader Is Still a Real Leader – Quiet Revolution

The graphic is from a random Tumblr page; I’m sorry I don’t have the link. (Please let me know so I can attribute correctly)

A Servant Leader


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