Organizing for Creative People: How to Channel the Chaos of Creativity into Career Success. Sheila Chandra

I was taken by the Guardian Review of this book, bought the book and it is great.

Sheila Chandra an international level singer writes on organizing for creative success. She clearly introduces her approach to managing a successful creative life. It is a great read and I plan to pass my copy onto my daughter and son, both are looking toward creative entrepreneurial careers. There is plenty here of use: Lets start.

“Good artists are smart and hardworking. Its going to take some serious strategy, good infrastructure and copious amounts of hard work for you to win those elusive moments of creative and public glory.”

What I like with this book is how clear and practical it is. Start by organizing your space, then your head, and then onto the world. Moreover, this is clear – look after yourself, don’t make decisions when, “Tired, hungry and cold.” Have fun, write-it-down; task-map, prioritize and plan. All standard advice but absolutely useful and clearly developed.

Buy this book – use it.

Art doesn’t have to come out of chaos, as it did for Van Gogh. Former Monsoon star Sheila Chandra and Stik explain how they learned to defeat disorder

Source: Singer Sheila Chandra and graffiti artist Stik on why ‘the dysfunctional genius trope’ is a myth | Books | The Guardian


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