Do we all need a little time simply to sit and think? | Aeon Essays

“Do you ever take time just to stop and think? And do you think it is important?” These are the questions, posed to us in this article.

In my view, taking/making time to think is essential. That has been my experience and, interestingly, that is what time management and self-management gurus tell us. They ask, “What are your values, your long term goals, who are you?” “What is important to you?” But without time to think, how can we expect to answer?

This is a longer article, and fascinating. The author explores taking time to think and makes a number of thoughtful comments exploring the University. Hint, She thinks that, “all too often, universities are hothouses for organised idiocy.”

It is worth reading this article, fascinating.

Not busy-work, ticking off to-do lists or keeping-up-with-stuff. Just sitting. And thinking. Is it so hard?

Source: Do we all need a little time simply to sit and think? | Aeon Essays

Please take time to think.

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