Words That Matter: Ursla Le Guin

This book is a collections of essays, reflections and book review by Ursla Le Guin. Ursla is one of those authors I loved but did not know it.

Many years ago, when I was six my teacher, Miss Lambson began reading a story which she never finished. School was over for the year. Many years later my son asked me to read The Wizard of Earthsea. That was the book. I have since read much of Ursla’s writing and and enjoy and respect her work.

One review of note: Salman Rushdie’s Two years, Eight Months, and Twenty-Eight days. The comment, “Contemporary sophistication declares the peace is boring, moderation is bleh, happy is sappy… But it is also, I think, a capitulation to the idea, so powerful in 20th century literature that the slow processes of creation are less interesting, less real, than the catastrophic dramas of destruction…”

Ursla is right, That is one of our most pervasive and destructive myths. Peace and creation are hard and boring; destruction easy and exciting. What a sick idea.

I find that kind of insight in this book. I recommend it.

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