Get a better life: say NO.

This article is a useful counter balance to the “self help myth”.

I am clear, one day I will go into my doctor’s office and I will leave a dead man.  That is life, one day I will die.   What is more, I have learned that setting limits is necessary if I am to look after myself and be any use at all.  That is not to say that a useful self discipline is harmful but we must be real.  Positive thinking has limits.

So…  According to Professor Svend Brinkmann from the Department Communication and Psychology at Aalborg University in Denmark we must reconsider positive thinking mythology:

He suggests:  Relax about your health; Honestly learn from the bad stuff; Say no, “No!”; manage your emotions; read a novel (or biography), learn from your history, “Who are you”?

Let us consider that.

Say NO. Focus on the negative aspects. Repress your emotions. That kind of advice probably does not sound right to a lot of people, but it’s a better idea than following fanatically positive, self-help books, concludes a professor of psychology.

Source: Get a better life: say no

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