Can scientists agree on a definition of curiosity? — ScienceDaily

What a find for a Sunday afternoon.  Curiosity is one of my most important drivers.  Ultimately I earned my science degrees because I was curious and because learning is fun.  And clearly humans are successful, to a degree, because we are curious.  But the public perception and the science is less positive.  After all, “Curiosity killed the cat”.  And the more I read about curiosity the more “transgressive” I understand it is.  And those in power prefer their subjects to lack curiosity.

I’m curious, how will we build a resilient and sustainable society?  The clearer our understanding of curiosity is the clearer our thinking and our actions are.

The link is to a Science Daily summary of a recent review, “The Psychology and Neuroscience of Curiosity”  (Kidd, C. and Hayden,  B.Y; 2015).  Neuron Perspective.  I searched the title and have the full paper.  I am sure it will make interesting reading.

Philosopher Thomas Hobbes called it ‘the lust of the mind.’ Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt said it was ‘the most useful gift.’ And, yes, we all know what killed the cat. But ask a group of scientists to define curiosity and you’ll get a rousing debate. No more, argue researchers in a review of curiosity science. They propose it’s time for researchers to organize and focus on curiosity’s function, evolution, mechanism, and development.

Source: Can scientists agree on a definition of curiosity? — ScienceDaily

STEWIT from Flickr

STEWIT from Flickr


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