Book Review. Be a Changemaker: How to make something that matters. Laurie Ann Thompson

Be a Changemaker: How to make something that matters. Laurie Ann Thompson (2014). Simon Pulse: New York.
This book is a primer for (social) entrepreneurs. Writing for a teen aged audience Laurie outlines the essential steps for someone seeking to begin an enterprise. She tells the reader in her first chapter, that, “You already have the ideas, the passion, the energy, and the talent! You will have to learn a few new skills – basic tools that will help you get the job done. But inside this book, you will find all the practical knowledge as well as the encouragement you need to go out and truly make a difference.”
This is certainly what Laurie achieved with this book. Each chapter begins with an example, as story of how a young person has succeeded and then goes on to introduced the skill introduced in the opening example. Chapters include: Beginnings, finding and exploring for ideas, research, how to build a team, planning, risk management, speaking, marketing, event management, and succession planning. This book introduces all the skills needed.
I’m older than the target audience; surprised that I have in a full life already developed and used the skills; never the less, young adults also have skills and experience to draw and build on, particularly those with entrepreneurial leanings. That gives me confidence to recommend this book to you and your team.
Then grow your enterprise.



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