How space for creativity opens up young people’s minds

This article from “The Conversation”questions the attitude that the arts and humanities are a waste of time and useless.  Actually, arts and humanities are essential for well functioning individuals and societies.  This article emphasises how personal creativity builds confidence and can lead to employment.

The article begins:

Creative experiences can engage the demotivated, irrigate parched minds and illuminate serious socio-economic problems. And yet the current UK coalition government has launched a sustained attack on creativity in education.

Last November, Nicky Morgan, secretary of state for education, said at a launch for a maths and physics education campaign that “the arts and humanities” were for students who “didn’t know” what they “wanted to do”. She said that while these subjects used to be thought of as “useful for all kinds of job”, now “this couldn’t be further from the truth”.

And ends:

Building on their new-found confidence, some of the participants are now in full-time work and a few are employed as part-time film technicians and actors.

Please read the whole piece and follow the videos.  As the author concludes:

Given the chance to be creative, young people shine.

Source: How space for creativity opens up young people’s minds


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