How should we talk about mental health? |

Mental health is a growing challenge here in New Zealand, and elsewhere.  Something like 20% of New Zealanders will have depression at some stage in their lives, and my view is we must support those afflicted.

The link below leads to a series of comments from the TED speakers, giving perspective and guiding comments.  Like any disease, those afflicted require understanding and support.  For me, the place to start is respectful language and understanding.  Having a general understanding of; for example, depression,  like we have for cancer, is a place to begin.

The link to sustainability and beauty is that, supporting each other supports a high quality of life; of course, high quality of life is a necessary piece of sustainable societies.

Mental health suffers from a major image problem. One in every 4 people experiences mental health issues — yet we’re not very informed when it comes to talking about the topic. Hear fro…

Source: How should we talk about mental health? |



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