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Wanderlust: Rebecca Solnit on How Walking Vitalizes the Meanderings of the Mind

One of my favourite writers is Rebecca Solnit:  she speaks to me in a voice that reflects who I am. In Wanderlust, Rebecca explores walking in all its beauty and simplicity.  Walking is one of those things, like eating, that … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Depression Is Not Happiness

This is an interesting article.  The opposite to depression is resilience.  Yes, I agree.  We can build resilience by:  getting enough sleep, exercising, eating sensibly,  being curious and learning,  and by connecting with others and a purpose.  Standard stuff, the … Continue reading

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Subvisual Subway: The Art of New York City’s Bacterial World – YouTube

This is a wonderful crossover art and science post.  The artist swabbed for bacteria all over the New York subway and presented the resultant plates as an art work. It is a wonderful story.  

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People enhanced the environment, not degraded it, over past 13,000 years — ScienceDaily

Occasionally there is evidence that people can support biodiversity.  This is an example of this.  I like this because not only is this an example of successful people, it is also an example of successful indigenous people.  Too often, for … Continue reading

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The best productivity hack I’ve ever heard – Goals Infinite

This is an effective idea.  Maybe it will help you. Personally, my best strategy is self talk that tells me to,  “Write something, or play something, learn something… do it, now!” And then doing something real. Process goals and developing … Continue reading

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Margo Price: ‘Country music is about divorce, drinking and jail’ | Music | The Guardian

I love music but have to admit that country music is not what I listened to at high school.  I find it curious how my taste has expanded as I learn to play. One of the interesting points here is … Continue reading

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Why Weirdness May Be One of the Greatest Strengths You Could Have – Learning Mind

Do  you:  write, draw, photograph, run, swim, sing…?   Do you, play: guitar, folk music, clarinet, bad parodies…?   Do you: dance, write poetry or songs, scientific papers, a thesis or two, what about a speech or three…?  Do you, … Continue reading

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Science and Art Are Not Separate Disciplines

One myth that particularly annoys me is the two cultures one; that science and art are unrelated and (this is a set up) in competition.  This note links to an explanation from physicist Brian Green.  His point is that science … Continue reading

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