The 1000th Post On How To Find Your Passion In Life

Not my 1000th post; I have only a little over 200.

This is a rather unusual post from a James Altucher.  I have no what he normally writes about; however,  from what I can see here, it is about innovation and entrepreneurship.  I do appreciate what he is saying; be curious.   I agree!

He then goes on to suggest.  Three steps to follow your passion.

First.  What would you do if you had a billion dollars?

Second.  What are the top five most important achievements you would like to achieve?   Work on the top three.

Third.  What is your Plan B?

Follow the link I found James’s  ideas useful.  Be curious and act.

How anyone could find out what their passion is. The people who feel stuck in their lives.

Source: The 1000th Post On How To Find Your Passion In Life

From the surface.

From the surface.

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