Margo Price: ‘Country music is about divorce, drinking and jail’ | Music | The Guardian

I love music but have to admit that country music is not what I listened to at high school.  I find it curious how my taste has expanded as I learn to play.

One of the interesting points here is the subject matter, we think country is low-brow but the content:  relationships; loss, love, passion; and addiction; drinking, drugs, sex;  and failure, jail, loss; are constant across styles of music.   I am thinking of Mozart and Beethoven as well as folk, blues and rock.

To me the passion for life is constant, and curiosity to explore is central.  I find it interesting that I did not list religion which is an important motivator for many, but that is passion, addiction and failure too.

Another interesting point,  this music is so simple;  G, C, D.  Clearly strong work from simple tools.  This rocks and is beautiful.

The outlaw Nashville singer worried she’d be singing to empty bars her whole life until Jack White heard the songs on Midwest Farmer’s Daughter

Source: Margo Price: ‘Country music is about divorce, drinking and jail’ | Music | The Guardian


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