Science and Art Are Not Separate Disciplines

One myth that particularly annoys me is the two cultures one; that science and art are unrelated and (this is a set up) in competition.  This note links to an explanation from physicist Brian Green.  His point is that science and art are complementary searches for “deep truths of reality”.  I agree, and I would also add that the fundamental tools of both cultures are skills such as observation and model making, that are in common, and that are fundamental to our humanity.

More than this, both science and art, are useful and we must encourage a deep respect and support.  Both of these creative areas lead to innovation and we clearly need  new ways of life and thinking as we move forward.

Artists and scientists alike strive “to figure out the deep truths of reality,” explains physicist Brian Greene. The ways they pursue that goal are different, but there’s no reason why two segments of society seeking answers can’t work together.

Source: Science and Art Are Not Separate Disciplines


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