Rethinking Growth § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM

This paper was recently republished in seedmagazine.  It is an interview with Herman Daily.  He is an economist and a founder of the journal Ecological Economics, and an ex-world bank economist.  His thinking is toward steady state economic systems.

Among other points he tells of the fundamental challenge of infinite growth on a finite planet.  My understanding of the challenge is that, economic systems are looking to optimise “well-being” which is a different thing to and “development”.   One problem with standard (neo-liberal) economics is that “”well being”  is most often measured using per capita GDP.  The justification is that at low incomes, there is a clear link between per capita GDP and measures like:  longevity, education, access to vaccinations and so forth; but at higher incomes this relationship is much less clear.  Herman Daily, makes the point that “development” is a different thing.  Although we there are “limits to growth”, this does not limit “development”.

Please read this article because the ideas give a path out of what I  would call  “The growth trap” and toward sustainable ways of life.

Source: Rethinking Growth § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM


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