Musings About the “M” Word for Creatives | Psychology Today

Good morning.

This week I have spent much of my time reading in the area of creativity and particularly “process”.  And feeling that I suck at creative work, because that is what it is.  Work!  And because I feel stuck.  I  agree with Elizabeth Gilbert, and Julia Cameron;  and so many other creatives.  Concentrating on process is an essential feature of the creative life.  But so  is taking time to “fill the well” as Julia describe it.  I think each artist, scientist  … whatever … dances with this tension.  Though, in my case I think a little more energy on establishing a process would help.  The Muse turns up when we have established solid work habits.

For you how does your daily routine help of hinder creative output?   And what can we do to improve?

Musings About the “M” Word for Creatives | Psychology Today.



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My passion is telling the stories of possibility, seeking a sustainable and beautiful future. My training is in science, chemistry, environmental science and teaching.
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