The Kind Of Person Who Has More Sex Will Surprise You

One of the factors leading to sustainable action is cooperation but over the last twenty years or longer we have had a constant refrain emphasizing competition. The whole neo-liberal position: competition, the individual and unmanaged markets. When it comes to sexual success there is some evidence that status and violence have impacted the human gene pool. I am thinking of evidence of relatively small numbers of men breeding successfully at the beginning of the agricultural revolution and the widespread genes remaining in the gene pool from the Genghis Khan’s hordes. These pieces of evidence suggest that status competition and violence are successful breeding strategies.

But the reality is more complicated. Homo sapiens are successful because we compete and because we cooperate. The linked news article and the parent research gives evidence that cooperation is a successful strategy. As is usual, we must beware of the excluded middle fallacy or is that the false dichotomy, or just being told one side of the story by people with a vested interest. Real life is a complicated mix between headline extremes. This is good news for those of us working for a sustainable future. Cooperative individuals and cooperative groups do well. Ya.

Looks aren’t everything!

Source: The Kind Of Person Who Has More Sex Will Surprise You

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